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Molecular biologist

December 5, 2018
25 Beverly Ave; Uxbridge, MA 01569 • (508) 277-4817 • jrstorey@charter.net


Accomplished microbiologist/molecular biologist/immunologist with extensive experience in the development of recombinant-based vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics. Familiar with the challenges involved in bringing a product from scientific conception through regulatory approval. Creative thinker with the ability to both work independently and effectively manage others.



Senior Scientist III, Molecular Biology (2014-2018)
Senior Scientist II, Molecular Biology (2008-2014)
• Cloned and expressed a series of agonistic and antagonistic fully humanized monoclonal antibodies for CD27, CD40, OX40 and PDL1. Multiple antibody isotypes were developed for each.

• Investigated the use of novel antibody signal sequences to increase antibody expression in mammalian cells

• Developed a method to screen the Tim-1 genotype of cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) to facilitate a clinical trial of a humanized anti-Tim-1 monoclonal antibody.

• Cloned and expressed a humanized anti-mannose receptor monoclonal antibody for potential use in targeted vaccine therapy.

ANTIGENICS, INC., Woburn/Lexington, MA 2001-2006
(Antigenics, Inc. acquired Aquila Biopharmaceuticals in June 2001)

Senior Scientist, Molecular Biology and Gene Expression (MBGE) (2004-2006)
Scientist (2001-2004)
• Developed recombinant protein reagents and assays to support development of autologous cancer vaccines and infectious disease vaccines using peptide antigen/heat shock protein complexes.

• Led efforts to express recombinant proteins in E. coli and P. pastoris that generated affinity reagents for vaccine development.

• Performed P. pastoris fermentations using a New Brunswick Scientific BioFlo4500 fermentor under the control of remote BioCommand software.

• Prepared and validated, under GMP conditions, an E. coli cell bank expressing a recombinant retroviral antigen used in a marketed feline leukemia vaccine.

• Created synthetic cDNA expression cassettes from component oligonucleotides that encode heat shock protein purification reagents. Led team effort to produce gram quantities of reagents in E. coli and P. pastoris expression systems.

AQUILA BIOPHARMACEUTICALS, Worcester/Framingham, MA 1996-2001
(Emerging Chapter 11 entity of Cambridge Biotech Corporation in July 1996)

Scientist, Molecular Biology
• Isolated and expressed the putative cell surface receptor (CD91) for the company’s lead heat shock protein vaccine candidate (gp96) in E. coli and eukaryotic expression systems.

James R. Storey Page 2

• Performed E. coli fermentations using a New Brunswick Scientific Mobile Pilot Plant Fermentor.

• Cloned guinea pig CD1 cDNAs (cell surface, MHC-related, lipid antigen presentation molecules). Subcloned and epitope-tagged human CD1 cDNAs in various eukaryotic expression vectors to produce soluble single chain recombinant proteins for assay development. Engineered vectors to produce stable transfected cells expressing cell membrane bound CD1 proteins as lipid antigen presenting cells.

• Cloned and expressed various guinea pig cytokines (IL-2, IL-10, and IFNγ) to aid generation of lipid antigen specific guinea pig T-cell lines for tuberculosis lipid antigen vaccine development project.

• Cloned and expressed S. aureus fibronectin binding proteins in E. coli and evaluated bacterin preparation methods for a bivalent recombinant bovine mastitis vaccine. Prepared and validated recombinant E. coli master and working cell banks and monitored a vaccine trial conducted at the University of Wisconsin.

(Cambridge Biotech Corporation was formed by the merger of Cambridge Bioscience Corporation and Biotech Research Laboratories, Inc. in 1990)

Scientist, Molecular Biology (1992-1996)
Research Associate III (1990-1992)
• Isolated human granulocytic ehrlichia (HGE) cDNAs from a λZAP bacteriophage expression library and expressed genes corresponding to major antigenic proteins in E. coli. Awarded US Patent 6,204,252.

• Engineered a recombinant feline immunodeficiency virus clone (FIV) for optimal expression in E. coli and use in potential diagnostic and vaccine applications.

• Custom designed a proprietary bacterial expression system after extensive research into the major factors governing over-expressson of recombinant proteins in E. coli.


Research Associate III, Molecular Biology (1988-1990)
Research Associate II (1985-1988)
Research Associate I (1984-1985)
• Expressed and evaluated various recombinant HIV-1, HIV-2, and HTLV-I proteins for use as diagnostic reagents. Directed departmental efforts in regulatory submissions for selected recombinants. All received FDA approval.

• Isolated an infectious feline leukemia virus (FeLV) clone from a lambda bacteriophage library and optimized expression in E. coli. Contributed to a USDA submission for an FeLV vaccine (Leucogen) resulting in the first approved recombinant retroviral vaccine.

• Assumed control of the production and maintenance of research and manufacturing bacterial stocks.

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TUFTS UNIVERSITY, Boston, MA 1981-1984
Research Technician, Molecular Biology, Laboratory of Dr. Michael Malamy
• Investigated the mechanism of antibiotic resistance transfer in obligate anaerobe B. fragilis, a common agent in post-surgical septicemic infections.

• Assisted in the teaching of a microbiology laboratory course for medical, dental, and veterinary students.


M.S. Microbiology University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

B.S. Microbiology University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA


Development of CDX-1140, an agonist CD40 antibody for cancer immunotherapy.
Vitale LA, Thomas LJ, He LZ, O’Neill T, Widger J, Crocker A, Sundarapandiyan K, Storey JR, Forsberg EM, Weidlick J, Baronas AR, Gergel LE. Boyer JM, Sisson C, Goldstein J, Marsh HC Jr, Keler T.
Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy. 2018 Oct 31 [Epub ahead of print]

Development of a Novel Antibody-Drug Conjugate for the Potential Treatment of Ovarian, Lung, and Renal Cell Carcinoma Expressing TIM-1
Thomas LJ, Vitale L, O’Neill T, Dolnick RY, Wallace PK, Minderman H, Gergel LE, Forsberg EM, Boyer JM,
Storey JR, Pilsmaker CD, Hammond RA, Widger J, Sundarapandiyan K, Crocker A, Marsh HC Jr, Keler T.
Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. 2016 Dec 15; (12):2946-2954

Development of a human monoclonal antibody for potential therapy of CD27-expressing lymphoma and leukemia.
Vitale LA, He LZ, Thomas LJ, Widger J, Weidlick J, Crocker A, O’Neill T, Storey J, Glennie MJ, Grote DM, Ansell SM, Marsh H, Keler T.
Clinical Cancer Research. 2012 Jul 15; 18(14):3812-21

Direct Measurement of antigen binding properties of CD1 proteins using fluorescent lipid probes.
Im JS, Yu KO, Illarionov PA, LeClair KP, Storey JR, Kennedy MW, Besra GS, Porcelli SA.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 2004 279(1):299-310

Conservation of CD1 multigene family in the guinea pig.
Dascher CC, Hiromatsu K, Naylor JW, Brauer PP, Brown KA, Storey JR, Behar SM, Kawasaki ES, Porcelli SA, Brenner MB, LeClair KP.
Journal of Immunology 1999 163:5478-5488

Major antigenic proteins of the agent of human granulocytic ehrlichiosis are encoded by members of a multigene family.
Murphy CI, Storey JR, Recchia J, Doros-Richert LA, Gingrich-Baker C, Munroe K, Bakken JS, Coughlin RT, Beltz GA.
Infection and Immunity 1998 66(8):3711-3718

James R. Storey Page 4

Molecular cloning and sequencing of three granulocytic ehrlichia genes encoding high molecular weight immunoreactive proteins.
Storey JR, Doros-Richert LA, Gingrich-Baker C, Munroe K, Mather TN, Coughlin RT, Beltz GA, Murphy CI.
Infection and Immunity 1998 66(4):1356-1363

A semisynthetic quillaja saponin as a drug delivery agent for aminoglycoside antibiotics.
Recchia J, Lurantos MHA, Amsden JA, Storey JR, Kensil CR.
Pharmaceutical Research 1995 12(12):1917-1923

Development of a genetically engineered vaccine against feline leukemia virus infection.
Kensil CR, Barrett C, Kushner N, Beltz GA, Storey J, Patel U, Recchia J, Aubert A, Marciani D.
Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 1991 199(10):1423-1427

Transfer of beta-lactamase associated cefoxitin resistance in bacteroides fragilis.
Cucharal GJ, Tally FP, Storey JR, Malamy MH.
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 1986 295):918-920


Murphy C, Storey J, Beltz G, Coughlin R (2001)
“Characterization of Granulocytic Ehrlichia and Methods of Use”.
US Patent 6,204,252.


References are available upon request

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